Paneer BBQ Masala -spiced
30 minutes
30 minutes
  • 200 g paneer block, cut into chunky cubes
  • 4-5 tsp bipins paneer bbq fresh masala (available on request from
  • 3 tsp tomato puree or yoghurt

Masala Marinated paneer cooked over hot charcoals. I use yoghurt or tomato puree its more than sufficient to create an even coating, but if you like a slightly thicker coating and a deeprer spicer flavour add a 3-4 tsp gram flour, I find the flour effects the flavour and texture so I tend to avoid it. Marinate for 30 mins and cook over hot charcoals or grill. Best too slow cook the skewers on gentle heat on hot charcoals for that lovely bbq spice flavour. Once add cooked add salt to taste, coriander and squeeze of lemon to finish off. I've inspired to create the Bipins paneer masala thanks to Himagauri a bipins masala fan from London.


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Bipin's Masala.....running through my veins is authenticity, true passion for cooking with unadulterated Gujarati spices and fresh Indian herbs with natural ingredients. ....driven to deliver extraordinary gastronomic pleasure into your very own hands & your home kitchen!

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