Penne with broccoli, anchovy, chilli and garlic
5 minutes
10 minutes
  • 300 g pasta
  • 200 g purple sprouting broccoli
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • 1 Tin anchovies
  • 1/2 teaspoon chilli flakes
  • 5 tablespoons Extra virgin olive oil
  • 50 g parmesan
  • Half mug pasta cooking water
  • ground pepper
  • parmesan

1. Whilst the water is coming to the boil, cut your broccoli up, taking the top bushy floret off, and then slicing the stalks down the middle and cutting them into roughly 2 inch pieces. This means all the pieces will cook evenly. 2. Once the water is boiling, add your pasta and broccoli. Stir a little to prevent sticking and let it cook on a rolling boil. 3. Once your pasta is on, warm the olive oil oil over a low heat in a large, heavy bottomed frying pan and add your sliced garlic and chilli flakes (leave out if serving kids), loving it along attentively for about 5 minutes: you want it to soften without colouring too much. (Though a little colour on the garlic in this dish is good, you don't want the taste of burnt garlic to ruin it!) 4. Add your anchovies, along with the oil, don't bother slicing them as they will melt into the hot pan. Let this pungent mixture cook out on a very low heat, stirring it to help it mix and melt, for about 5 minutes more. If it's cooking too quickly, i.e. the garlic is colouring, take it off the heat. 5. Take out half a mugful of starchy pasta cooking water and set aside. This is an essential step, don't skip it! 6. When there is about 3 minutes to go on your pasta (which normally takes around 10 minutes - so after about 7 minutes), take a piece of it out and bite into it - if there is a little bit of uncooked pasta in the middle of it, there is about 3 minutes left. Drain the lot. 7. Add your broccoli and pasta to the sauce and let it all come together, mixing well. Add a splash of pasta water and turn up the heat. Grind in lots of black pepper - no salt though as the anchovies are providing this element - as will the parmesan. Stir and taste - and stir and taste again! Add more water if you think it needs more liquid, you'll be surprised how much liquid the pasta will soak up. Do this until it's right - about 2 minutes or so. Toss lots of freshly grated parmesan through it. 8. Serve with more parmesan and chillies - and a little glass of robust red wine (not for the children, obviously).


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